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Skopelos, the “blue and green” island or theMamma Mia island, as it is often called, is much more than that. It is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and the greenest one in the Mediterranean Sea.

It captivates nature lovers with its beautiful beaches, the verdant slopes that reach the sea, the paths that stretch from one end to the other among olive trees, pines and fruit trees, but it does not disappoint those who choose it for their holidays, since it has everything the modern tourist needs.

The “Hotels Skopelos” operates in this unique destination as a purely family business that has set Hospitality as a pleasure and duty.

The “Hotels Skopelos” owns and operates three tourist units, all located in Chora Skopelos.

Navigating our website will help you choose the ideal room or apartment for you, or even an entire villa with a private pool and a spectacular view of the Aegean Sea.

Skopelos Island | hotelskopelos.gr
Skopelos Island | hotelskopelos.gr

Skopelos Island: Where to stay

If you choose for your holidays to stay centrally in Chora Skopelos, we can host you at Regina Hotel Skopelos.

From this point you will explore the cobblestone alleys of the officially designated Traditional Settlement of Chora Skopelos, the musical taverns with excellent local dishes, the small museums, the medieval churches and the Venetian castle of Gizi.

If you prefer spacious family apartments, we can host you at the Karavos Sea View Apartments which are located in a beautiful neighborhood of Chora Skopelos, just in front of the sea. They are furnished apartments with all comforts that accommodate up to 6 guests.

If you wish to glimpse the unique Marine Park of the Northern Sporades, then Vainas Belvedere Villa is the ideal choice.

The villa is located on the hills of Chora Skopelos, in an idyllic landscape with panoramic views, suitable for a relaxing holiday. Beautifully decorated and fully equipped, it has a private swimming pool, a large garden and a private parking space. Accommodates up to 4 guests

Skopelos Island, unaffected by mass tourism, invites you to enjoy its authenticity and we are committed to always be by your side in whatever you need!

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